1. About 

DPM (Delft Projectmanagement BV) was founded in 2010. Its operations are in the fields of Projectmanagement and HR. DPM also serves as staffing company for TU Delft Services. Per 1-1-2018, 43 people were employed by DPM.

HR and staffing

DPM detaches staff to more than 5 companies and foundations.  For one foundation DPM provides  HR support and payrolling.

Contact: Martine Anspach (015-27 82122)

  1. Knowledge Platform Sustainable Resource Managament 

Efficient, smart and sustainable use of raw materials is the answer to the anticipated materials scarcity that is already present in variousindustries. This will require much knowledge of different parts of the commodity chain.

The goal of the knowledge platform is to contribute to the prevention of material scarcity and to contribute to a sustainable resourcemanagement. To reach this goal the platform collects and shares knowledge, and facilitates cooperation between different companies in thecommodity chain. In reaching this goal the knowledge platform cooperates with knowledge partners as universities, businesses and governments.

Contact: Jan Henk Welink (015-27 89205)

Professional Education Support

Eficient and customer driving support for TU Delft on campus courses for professionals. The support may include activities such as student enrollment, marketing and back office. 

Contact: Daniella Wijnveldt (015-27 85479)